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To fellow customers,

A HUGE hotel in Albuquerque had a 12 year water leak! Several plumbing companies were unsuccessful! DJ's Plumbing & Mechanical met the challenge, found the leak, and resolved the issue! The customer was pleased and continues to be a great customer!

I am writing this letter to inform you of the outstanding job DJ’s Plumbing did for me. 

I live alone about 15 miles east of Albuquerque. I had a propane fill one early morning while I was away at work. When I got home around 6 that night, my house smelled of propane - like never before. I checked my stove, water heater, and furnace and all appeared okay and but it was a very strong smell in the house. I opened up all my windows, doors, and turned on the fans.  It was bad and I had begun to feel sick to my stomach. I proceeded to build a fire, because it was winter and cold outside and with everything being opened it got even colder. The smell wasn’t lifting and I got to thinking this wasn’t right. I’ve lived here for 11 years and I’ve never had this smell before, so I began to sniff around again, still nothing. I did just had my water heater replaced two months before by a friend and wasn’t sure if it might be coming from there. So I called up DJ’s Plumbing and explained to DJ what was going on.
DJ told me first thing, to go outside and turn off my propane and he so kindly walked me through it, then put out the fire and get you and your dogs out of the house. He then said he would be right there. Now keep in mind I live in the East mountains. I put the fire out and got me and my pups out. We sat in the car until he came. That was all of 22 minutes. WOW!
He asked me some questions about my fill, checked my tank and went inside and started checking my water heater, furnace, dryer, stove, and under the house for gas leaks. He turned propane back on and rechecked again. He found that I had a leak at my furnace and he quickly repaired it. He suggested for me to continue to leave the house vented and opened up, as long as possible to help air the place out. It was more the smell than anything at that point.
DJ also informed me so very kindly and didn’t make me feel so foolish what to do next time IF something like this should happen. He suggested not turning on the fan or the light switch, that could have been all it took to blow this place up. I never even thought of a light or the fan being the added source of an entirely different issue. Then like a bonehead, I start a fire to keep warm, total brain fart there. Anyhow, the service provided by DJ could not have been more helpful and unbelievable!!! I cannot thank him enough. 
I was so impressed by DJ’s Plumbing, I called him up a few days later to take care of an ongoing leak I had on a water bib outside a rental I have. He came by and fixed that in a jiffy as well. DJ’s prices were amazing as well.
So if you ever need a good, dependable plumber I strongly recommend DJ’s Plumbing. Truly the best I’ve seen yet. Sincerely, Lisa
DJ NEWELL is dependable and efficient. His work is first-rate and he takes the time to explain why and what needs to be done to repair the problem. The result is...the job is done properly. Mr Newell takes great pride in his work. I would highly recommend DJ’s Plumbing & Mechanical for any plumbing problems. Jean M

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